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Need help becoming more productive? Turn to 3M--just like educators, trainers and corporate executives have been doing for years. When it comes to overhead projectors, 3M has the right one to meet your needs and your budget. Here we present 19 price-competitive overhead projectors featuring high illumination and sharp, clear projected images--all backed by 3M quality, reliability and experience.

High Performance
Great Value

Model 1810
Model 1825
Model 1830
Model 1860
Model 1865
Model 1880
Model 1885
Model 1895


Model 2660
Model 2000
Budget Models
Model 1608
Model 1620
Model 1650

Great Values
Model 1711
Model 1720
Model 1730
Model 1740
Model 1760
Model 1780

Performance Models
PUNCH UP YOUR PERFORMANCE--3M's high-performance overhead projectors work easily with your LCD projection panel and full-color transparencies to add power to your presentation.

Portable Models
RUN WITH IT--For business leaders, training professionals or business travelers, 3M portable overhead projectors go the distance. 

Budget Models
RAISE THE STANDARD--3M overhead projectors help professionals in government, education and business achieve more in their meetings.

Great Value Models
SEE THE DIFFERENCE--For educators and small businesses, 3M overhead projectors are an outstanding value.

For details on which model is best for your needs, see the Electronic Projection System Product Selection Guide

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