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Network Attached CD-ROM Towers

The CD tower or rack drawer is a bunch of SCSI or IDE CD/DVD-ROM drives connected to a computer or network. They can also contain hard drives, CD-R or DVD-R drives. Take a look at the Selection chart and specifications below.

Each of the following systems provides unique functionality to meet your specific requirements. For example you can select a system that contains CD/ DVD-ROM readers, a CD or DVD-Recorder and shareable RAID hard drives. You just specify the configuration, and we will build it.

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CD-Tower of Changers

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  • Optional Front hinged door with keylock for security.
  • Totally sealed environment protects the discs.
  • 7, 14, 28 and larger disc capacity (with hard drive caching)
  • Choose rack or tower
  • Choose SCSI or IDE hard drives (TurboCD Systems only)
  • Select reliable, high performance CD-ROM, DVD-ROM drives, CD Changers, CD RW recorders, DVD-Recorders.
  • Switchable supply 115/220 volts.
  • Fans and filters keep drives cool and clean.
  • 1 Year and extended warranty available

Hard Drive archiving provides an alternative to individual CD/DVD-ROM drives. The TurboCD towers use hard drives to hold the content of all your CDs. It's very economical way to provide CDs on your network, but it takes time to archive the CDs. There are three types of caching systems: Turbo, TurboPlus and SuperTurbo.

We build to your requirements. Towers and rack systems are available with up to 7, 14, 21, 28 or more CD-ROM drives or 5-Disc Changers. The towers are also available with less than the maximum number of drives. For example, 7-drive towers are available with only 4 drives installed. Additional drives can be installed very easily when required. 

We also have 19-inch standard racks. These racks hold up to 56 drives and can be configured with built-in Pentium Servers. They are also available in hot-swap configurations

CD and DVD Drive Specifications

Formats for all drives: Red Book, Yellow Book, CD-ROM-XA, Photo-CD Multisession & MPC 3 compliant. 
CD-ROM mode: 80 msec avg. access time, Data transfer rate: 2.4 - 6 Mbytes/sec. 
DVD-ROM Mode: 85 msec avg. access time, 3.5 - 6.8 Mbytes/sec. data transfer rate (sustained). 
512 KB data buffer. 
MTBF 100,000 hrs.
5-Disc 16X Changer
SCSI Hard Drives

18 GB, 36 GB and 73 GB SCSI drives (Turbo and SuperTurbo towers only)

40 GB to 250 GB IDE Hard drives (Available in all Caching servers)

CD RW Recorders
CD/ RW recorder. Available in TurboCD and TurboPlus tower only
DVD RW Recorders
Pioneer DVD-R recorder. Available in TurboPlus only
We have other drives available. Please ask for details.


See the system connections described below to select the interface you need.
Contact us or call 1-800-431-1658 for other model numbers.

CD Tower and DVD Tower Environmental

Operating Temp. 5 to 45 C
Power Supply Input: 115/220 VAC 47Hz - 63Hz.

Selection Guide
Network Attached System Selection Guide

Axis Storpoint SCSI or IDE CD/DVD Drives

Axis Storpoint SCSI CD/DVD
HD Cashing and CD Recorders
Caching of CD or DVD discs with optional RAID and Network Attached Storage (NAS) Combination System
HD Caching, CD-R and
DVD Recorders
CD and DVD Caching plus Streaming Audio and Video
Avantis CD/DVD
caching system.
Very High Performance System

CD-ROM Tower Connections

Axis CD-ROM and DVD-ROM server attaches towers or racks with CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives directly to your Ethernet or Token Ring network. This is a very flexible, multiprotocol unit for Windows NT, Novell or UNIX networks. Add the suffix -NetServ for this option. One of our more popular models: CDR N8740X-NetServ, contains 7 40X drives in an 8-bay cabinet and includes a built-in 10/100Base Axis StorpointCD server. This is a plug and play system for your ethernet network. No software is required on your network server or workstations.
Turbo CD-ROM and DVD-ROM server provides hard disk caching of the CD or DVD Titles and attaches the tower or rack directly to your Ethernet or Token Ring network. 
TurboPlus System not only allows you to share CDs and DVDs, it also provides Network Attached Storage (NAS) RAID storage. This flexible multi -purpose system also allows you to archive data to CD-R or even DVD-R media. 
SuperTurbo system is a very high perfomance system that supports thousands of discs and Streaming Audio and Video capabiity. This CD/DVD caching system is guaranteed to play any disc you have.
SmartCD is a high performance software solution that can attach towers to a Windows NT or 2000 server or workstation, or UNIX servers. The latest version includes hard disk mirroring of CD titles for high performance. Add the suffix -NSoft for the package that connects a tower to a Windows NT server.
Computer Attached SCSI CD/DVD Towers
DiscPort and DiscZerver from Microtest have been discontinued. Please contact us about alternatives and upgrades for your system.

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