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IP Based Door Access and Entry Control Systems Integrate with IP Camera Surveillance Systems to Provide a Complete Security System

Each Isonas IP reader attaches directly to the network and is powered using PoE. This modular IP based door control IP door access system diagramsystem allows you to add one door at a time. The expensive control panel is no longer required! The ISONAS IP Door Access Controller and Reader includes all the functionality that used to be distributed between the reader and control panel. Now it's all in one unit. With intelligence built into each and every unit, it operates even if your network is down.

This IP based system integrates with IP Camera surveillance systems to provide a complete security system that controls door entry using a credential or manually by using intercoms with video management software.

IP Door Readers

ip door readerISONAS IP door readers are both a reader and a controller. No control box is required since all the intelligence is in the IP reader.

The IP Reader connects directly to the Ethernet network and is powered by PoE. IP door readers have the advantage of being very easy to install.

Since the reader converts the PoE power to 12 VDC, you can power locks without running additional power wires. All you need is the CAT 5 drop to the reader. Select the PRX version that reads both Isonas and HID format credentials, or the MCT version which adds the ability to read the new Smart Card (ISO 14443) standard credentials.

The readers have all the intelligence built in so even if the network is down the reader keeps working. Of course it's best to use a UPS on the network switch or the midspan that's providing the PoE. Learn more.

Access Control Software

Crystal Matrix Software™ is free and runs on your Windows PC and provides easy enrollment, allowing you to define who, where and when people are allowed in.

Select Optional EasyWeb and EasyWeb-Mobile to enhance your access control system. Add Active Directory Bridge to make it easier to register user rights

Crystal Matrix access control software
The software manages and controls all the door access readers and is controlled by your authorized security personnel.

Once you have customized your desired access control, the software sends all the information to all the IP readers. The reader stores and processes all the commands. This means that even if the network goes down, the readers have all the information necessary to continue to operate.

Crystal Matrix is included free with the door readers. It supports an unlimited number of doors and card holders. This is a fully featured Access Control software system. It provides fine-detailed level control of all access security related issues. Reports are available for all system activity, as well as real time reporting on who is currently in the facility. Product Sheet.

Add optional EasyWeb Access Control software when you need a web-based interface and have multiple locations controlling access cards. This software makes it easy to distribute the enrollment and management function to many different people and locations. More

If you're on the road and need to access the control software you can add the mobile App to your smart phone. EasyWeb-Mobile works with Easy-Web and allows you to control the doors and monitor your system from anywhere. More.

Active Directory LogoActive Directory Bridge
Do you have many users controlling the access control system? Select the optional Active Directory Bridge (AD-Bridge) software. It allows you to automatically add users by making use of Microsoft's Active Directory. AD-Bridge supports the propagation of selected information about people, their credentials and the groups to which they are assigned to the Isonas Crystal Matrix software.

Proximity and Smart Card Door Credentials

proximity credentialsSelect the style you need: thin cards that fit in your wallet, clamshell style that you can wear on a lanyard, Key Fobs for your key chain or Cap Tags that can attach to other things.

Select ISONAS, HID, MiFare, iClass format or Smart Card proximity credentials, or when you don't want to use credentials select the ECKey Bluetooth reader option below.

Example of credentials available:

  • ISOProx II
  • Proxcard II
  • DuoProx II
  • iCLASS Prox
  • Smart DuoProx II
  • Proxkey II
  • Proximity and MiFare
  • DuoProx
  • MicroProx
  • PhotoProx
  • Smart Cards

ECKey Bluetooth Reader Uses Your Smartphone as the Credential

You can add the ECKey Bluetooth reader and use your Smartphone instead of Smartphone Bluetooth Readercredentials. You can unlock a door, open a gate or even turn on lights using the ECKey module.

This new device can be added to the Isonas door access control system or even used by itself to create a simple door access system. More.


Remote Door Access Control Using an Intercom and IP Camera

IP Camera door controlIf you have a door that's used by authorized people but can also have visitors, you can use our intercoms and IP camera systems to control the door. You can manually control entry from your computer.

For example, the intercom system notifies you with an audible alert, video pops into a video window on your desktop so you can talk to the person at the door and then let them in.

There are a number of different intercom solutions depending on your exact requirements. More


The following resources can be used to help you understand the technology. Contact us for help with your system. Our engineers will make sure you get the exact system you need.

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