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Scan IDs and Print Visitor Badges, Track and Control Visitors with EasyLobby Visitor Registration Software

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EasyLobby SVM™ (Secure Visitor Management software), provides comprehensive, enterprise-class visitor registration, tracking, reporting and badge printing, as well as web-based pre-registration by employees, access control integration, package and asset management, and employee time and attendance.

Whether you have guards or receptionists greeting and processing visitors, or unattended entryways where you want visitors to self-register at a Kiosk, EasyLobby enables your organization to:

  • Streamline visitor check-in and check-out
  • Accurately capture detailed visitor information in seconds (without typing!)
  • Print high quality, professional looking visitor badges
  • Keep visitor information confidential
  • Analyze visitor data and run queries and reports against your database
  • Improve and automate lobby security
  • Enhance your image by dealing with visitors more professionally
  • Make visitors and employees feel safer
  • More

Visitor Badge System

Visitor Management System Product Sheet

SVM Software: Provides the main application for processing visitors.
Administrator: Provides administration and set up the database and provides reports.

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EasyLobby SVM Software

SVM ™ (Secure Visitor Management) software is the main badge control application. SVM is installed on a Windows workstation or Kiosk, typically in the lobby, along with any combination of desired hardware peripheral, such as a license scanner, badge printer, camera, signature capture pad, etc. more.


Product Sheet

EasyLobby SVM's award-winning features include:
  • Enterprise-class scalability - from a single system to hundreds of SVM™ workstations can share a central database (SQL Server, Oracle or MSDE)
  • Manage Visitors, Packages and Assets from a single application
  • Automatically capture visitor data from a license, passport or business card
  • Capture multiple signatures for each Visitor, Package or Asset
  • Capture multiple photos for each Visitor and Employee record
  • Print Visitor and Employee badges in full color or black and white, by Category
  • Integrated Custom Badge designer to augment hundreds of built-in templates
  • Comprehensive Watch List feature with full support for government denied party list screening and registered sex offender database screening
  • Robust bar code functionality to automate check in and check out at individual SVM™ and Satellite™ stations, with support for wireless scanners
  • Multiple, programmable security alerts with email/SMS notification
  • Customizable self-registration/Kiosk mode for unattended visitor registration and badging, with pre-registration enforcement, barcode check in and check out, and access control integration to control entry
  • Dynamically updated Grid views for Visitors, Packages and Assets
  • Broad range of pre-defined Crystal Reports, with wizard for custom reports
  • Enterprise-class, central administration via our Administrator program
  • 24 user definable fields for Visitor, Employee, Package and Asset forms
  • Complete control over visitor form fields, including renaming labels and tabs, show/hide, enable/disable, setting required fields and data capture from ID scans
  • Create and manage your own lists for Reasons, Categories, Clearances and more
  • Seamless integration with over 30 of the leading access control systems for providing certain visitors with customized card access from the SVM™ interface
  • Import employee list(s) from any ODBC database or Active Directory, with auto scheduling and updating
  • Flexible data import and export functions
  • Support for single sign on, with hooks for alternative authentication methods    

Licensing Terms:
SVM™ is licensed on a per workstation basis. For customers with a large number of facilities, site licensing is available

The Administrator software is installed on a Windows workstation (typically the security manager's computer), and provides all of the critical functionality for managing your EasyLobby visitor management system.

Administrator's award-winning features include:

  • Create and manage your organization's badge templates, by Category (these can also be different for each SVM badging station deployed in your facilities)
  • Create and manage all of your User accounts for the guards or receptionists that will be operating the SVM badging software in each lobby
  • Setup and manage the automated, scheduled employee import process so that the drop down list on the SVM visitor form stays up to date (for indicating the employee or patient or student being visited)
  • Manage all settings and options on each SVM badging station from the central Administrator console
  • Setup and manage SVM's Kiosk (self-registration) mode
  • Manage each employee's access to eAdvance (for pre-registering visitors from the employee's own computer using a web interface)
  • Do real-time monitoring and reporting across the entire organization, or for specific Sites or badging stations
  • Print Employee ID cards


Licensing Terms:
One copy of Administrator comes free with each copy of the SVM badging software that you buy.  You can purchase additional copies of Administrator, as required, for a nominal fee.

IP Door Access Control System

ipAccess Control

IP Access Control System Product Information

Now it's easier than ever to install a door entry and access control system using your existing Ethernet network. It can be easily integrated with an IP video surveillance security system.

The ISONAS PowerNet IP Door Access Control is a reader and controller. With intelligence built into each and every unit it is designed to not only read RFID cards but to control a door and other devices. All ISONAS reader models include powerful Crystal Matrix Software™ and feature the ability to:

  • Sense if a door is open or closed
  • Process a Request To Exit (REX)
  • Process an auxiliary input of the customers choosing and
  • Control up to 2 output lines.

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Add IP Cameras to create a complete surveillance system
Contact us for help with your solution at 1-800-431-1658 or 914-944-3425

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