JVC CD-ROM Jukebox - Library

Has been Discontinued

Please check the alternative Jukeboxes and Libraries available

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JVC provides a variety of jukebox models- from 100 to 600 disc capacity.  The latest MC-8000 series provides the most flexibility, providing a choice of CD-ROM, CD-Recorders, DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, as well as a built-in color printer. The 8000 is also available with a flip mechanism that supports the latest double-sided media. Take a look at the excellent features provided by these jukeboxes. These jukeboxes incorporate over 30 years of robotics experience and technology. The CD-ROM Jukeboxes have been uniquely designed to address the demands of the LAN environment for high-capacity CD-ROM storage and access; Archiving, Secondary Storage, COLD and Imaging applications. These CD-Jukebox models set a new price-performance standard combining high-speed performance, interchangeability and excellent reliability features. Kintronics provides complete interface kits and software drivers for Connections to computers and networks.
    - Utilizes over 35 years of

      experience in designing 

      and manufacturing 

      robotics technology 

    - Two years warranty 

    - Year 2000 Compliant 


Cost Effective
    - One of the best cost per 

      megabyte storage solutions

    - Fast disc exchange times

    - Multi-tasking device

    - Read/Write from up to 

      six drives

    - Multiple SCSI bus for load


    - Fast disc swap times


Printer Ready
     - Four color disc printer

     - 720 dpi resolution

     - Option available for

        MC-8000 Series

Drive Options
    - CD (CD-ROM, CD-R)

     - DVD (DVD-ROM, 


Model Options
     - MC-8000 Series

       (100/200/600 Disc

       CD-ROM, CD-R, DVD-RAM, 

       DVD-R and DVD-ROM  

       and Printer

Discontinued Models

- MC-7000 Series
       (100/200/600 Disc

       Capacities) Supports 

       DVD-RAM drives 

- MC-2000 Series
       (100/200/600 Disc

       Capacities) Supports

       CD-ROM, CD-R & 

       DVD-ROM drives 

       and Printer

- MC-1000 Series



CD-Printer for MC-2000 Series Jukebox
This 720 dpi 4-color printer is only available with the MC-2000 Series libraries.
prints on printable media.

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