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9-bay towerThis Network Attached Storage (NAS) works with special IP software to provide a very flexible, economical and powerful Network Video Recorder (NVR) system. This system is sometimes referred to as Network Attached Video Storage (NAVS).

Additional storage can be added as required, and can be expanded to a very large TeraByte storage systems.

RAID redundancy assures that your video is saved even if a hard drive fails. This storage is compatible with NetDVR and NetDVMs software.

  • NVR storage Appears as a shared server on your network
  • Very easy to install
  • Scalable for any size installation - Select 160GB to over 80TB of on-line storage
  • Multiple storage systems use the same IP address
  • Very high Performance
  • Select RAID 0,1,5,6,10 or JBOD Configurations
  • Select optional dual Fast Ethernet ports with failover and load balance features to offer the uninterrupted and robust access
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Hot swap SATA hard drives
  • Optional archive of video to CD-R or DVD-R discs
  • Optional Global RAID hot-spare hard drives for all RAID groups
  • Optional Hot-expansion for RAID 5 online storage expansion
  • Optional Remote data synchronization with pair of NAStorage
  • Compatible with windows 2000/3/8, XP, Vista and System 7 systems, UNIX and Mac systems
  • Tower or Rack cabinets available
System Description

network attached storage

Network Attached Video Storage (NAVS) Server or NAS provides the most flexible way to store video data from your cameras. It's easy! You can add many Terra Bytes of storage without disturbing your network or file servers.

The combination of NAVS and IP software creates a powerful and flexible Digital Video Storage system. Pricing is determined by the type of cameras and number of cameras attached to the network.

The network attached storage server is a totally integrated network appliance with the hard disks and modular thin server built into a small tower or rack enclosure. These fast, powerful network attached storage system allow for quick and safe installation, without impacting the network server. This high-performance appliance runs independently, therefore it will function even if the network server is "down" and provides excellent service to all the users. Choose from many different capacities, and models with built-in RAID controllers. 

Complete Network Support:  The NAVS Server comes network ready and connects to your Ethernet network switch. It's truly plug-and-play. The Server networks and manages hard disks on Windows networks.

RAID Data Protection: The NAVS Server supports RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring) and RAID 5. These NAVS systems support hot-swap drives, hot-swap fans and power supplies making this one of the most reliable storage systems available.

DVD-Recorder Support: All the NAVS systems Support built-in DVD-Recorders making it easy to archive the video to DVD discs. 

Easy, Seamless Sharing: The NAVS Server operates with unmatched simplicity right out of the carton. The server appears in the network neighborhood and can be mapped to a single drive letter. This is an independent network appliance, its operation neither affects nor is impacted by the network file server. The NAVS Server appears as a Windows 2000 server on your network, and can be accessed as such. It is ADS compatible. Hundreds of users can simultaneously access the hard drives with unmatched ease and simplicity.

Easy to Install and Manage:  Installation is very easy. Just plug in the Ethernet cable, plug in the power cable and turn on the unit. Load the IP software and select the NAVS system as the storage point. A Quick installation wizard, and a Web Browser are used to configure the NAVS Server. It allows you to set up security by individual and group. Your server is never out of date - you can download the latest firmware as it becomes available. 

Built to Your Requirements:  We will configure a system to your requirements. Select - capacity, tower or rack cabinet, the number of drives, RAID or just plain drives, hot-swap drives, hot-swap power. 

Sample NAVS System Configurations

The storage required depends on the number of cameras, resolution of the cameras, the frame rate, the amount of motion detected (if motion detection is enabled) and the duration of time the video is stored. For example if you store the video for 7 days and the cameras are set at 1 fps and resolution of 700 x 480, and we assume that motion is detected 50% of the time (this assumes that most of the motion is during the day and very little motion is detected at night), you will require about 70 GB of storage to hold the video from 8 cameras. If motion is detected all the time then you would require twice as much storage. Contact us for your specific requirements. We will calculate the storage required based on your needs and provide the right storage system.

The following chart provides an example of some of the systems we provide. Contact us for you specific system.

Example Configurations
Model Numbers  Useable Capacity Enclosure Processor
Hard Drives
DVD Writer
1200 GB

1U rack

Celeron 1.2GHz
4 x 400 GB
2250 GB

5-bay tower

Pentium III Processor 1.26GHz
4 x 750 GB



2U rack

Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
8 x 500 GB

2U rack

Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
8 X 1000 GB

2U rack

Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
8 X 2000 GB

*Multiple boxes can be attached to reach very large storage systems
Storage systems can be expanded to over 100TB.

Cameras are selected separately. Contact us for a quotation.

Tell us your storage requirements, and we will build it.

IP Software

NetDVR or NetDVMS software from OnSSI can use secondary storage for long term video storage. These IP software products are sometimes referred to as Network Video Recorder (NVR) software. They are a Windows based application that manages networked IP cameras. In general the software allows you to view multiple cameras, record and retrieve video and monitor alarms. Take a look at the comparison chart for more information or contact us for our expert advice.

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